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SAB Charger Architecture v3

獨立電池(Stand Alone Battery)充電架構 第三代

SABC 3.0 使用全新的電池架構,支援 7.4V, 12.6V 等 3.7V 的聚合物鋰電池組(LiPo)。
SABC3.0 使用多個 B0505S-1W 作為隔離,成功做到多塊 LiPo 在串聯的狀態下進行充電。
因此,在使用 SABC3.0 充高於 5V 之LiPo 時,其電流量將會自動轉換成電壓,無需經過其他的升壓模塊,以確保電源的供應穩定,在用於音響裝置時亦不會有電流聲。

SABC3.0 used a brand new battery architecture, with support of 7.4V, 12.6V LiPo in which was made by 3.7V LiPo in series connection.
SABC3.0 make use of multiple B0505S-1W as separator, it can charge multiple LiPo in series without the problem of short circuit.
Hence, when charging LiPo with 5V DC supply, its current draw will convert to voltage automatically without the need of switch mode boost converter.
This make the power supply much more stable and it can be used in HiFi devices without the high frequency noise generated by the power supply.

License under:
Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)