imuslab,原名為 "IMUS實驗室 (IMUS Laboratory)",是一個同時開發硬件和軟件的原型設計實驗室。這個團隊是由幾個大學生在2016年初成立的。 這個團隊的目的是使用自家研發的技術,設計與商業產品相近品質的原型作自用或娛樂用途。 團隊開發之產品主要是以更低的成本,更少的供應商鎖定(Vendor Lock-in) 或旨在為更細的用戶群特殊的產品機能。

imuslab, originally named "IMUS Laboratory", was a prototyping lab that develop both hardware and software. This lab was founded by a few university students back in early 2016. This lab was aiming to create prototypes using homebrew technology and provide product qualities that on par on commercial products with lower cost, less vendor lock-in, quality or aiming for a much more specific user group.

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